Plant of the Month

Philodendron Self-Heading 'Hope'
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Availability: Mid Sept
Common Name:
Ornamental Features:
The plant has excellent basal branching. Hope is much more resistant to bacterial diseases. The leaves are deeply lobed and show this characteristic much sooner than the seedling selloum species. Holds up well in low light situations in the interior.
Habit and Growth Rate:
Use a well draining loose medium soil. Allow plants to dry out thoroughly before watering. Try not to allow plants to go into the evening with wet foliage.
Landscape Value:
Good for 6", 8", 10", and larger pots.
Zone 10
Fullest plants are by growing in full sun and shading off before shipping. Can also be grown full time in nor more than 50% shade. Plants grown in shade will be greener but not as full as those grown in sun. Temp of 35-90 degrees.
Pot Size & Finish Time:
Cell pack to 6 - 4 months Cell pack to 8" - 6 months Cell pack to 10" - 8 months
Propagation Methods:
Tissue Culture, Seed, Cuttings
Pest/Disease Problems:
Erwinia, Aphids, Mealybugs